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For todays topic I will show you the fastest way to do your work using Photoshop.The shortcut for photoshop is really important for all designers because if you are well known all the Photoshop shortcut that must be easy and save your time.

1.One of the popular shortcut is Ctrl+N(File New).This command to create a new document or file.

2.Alt+Backspace (Fill Colour) -To fill the colours to the layer

3.B (brush)-To activate the brush tool.

4.M (Marquee Tool)- To activate the Marquee Tool.

These 4 shortcut is basics shortcut for Photoshop(for Windows).If you want to learn all the Photoshop Shortcut please visit HERE

Font is really important for designers.Good designers will always find the best font for their graphic artwork, banners,logo and also for their website.So where is the best place to find and download for free the best FREE font?

You will find that a lot of websites giving their best effort to create their own font or typography.But if you are not really doing that for your business and want some free fonts you can log on to Dafont. there will be a lot of free font to download.Dingbats and lot of interesting font to download.You can use it..but don't ever think to sell it for your own profits..it's illegal to do that.

Also you can visit Fontface. They have a lot of cool fonts to download, and it's has some free font to download too.Try googling at your browser and you will find many more website that provide such free font..But I'm showing you the best for me..hope so:)

Look at the picture at the left.You will see the picture is not vibrant enough and the colour itself don't seem really attract enough and something has to be made.Now try look out at the picture below

You can see that the colour was so vibrant enough and the colour looks good.Let me give you the tips to make your picture look more vibrant and more colourish:)

-Open Photoshop
-Open your picture
-Go to Image-Mode-Lab Color
-Ctrl+ 1
-Go to Image-Apply Image
-Choose a
-Then Overlay
-Ctrl+ 2
-Go to Image-Apply Image
-Choose a
-Ctrl+ 3
-Image-Apply Image
-Choose b
-Ctrl + ~
-Save your picture...

Hye guys,

Welcome again..For this post I will show you one of my latest project.Do you know what is 2.0 design?View the example below and comment is if you like to.I will develop my own design project by this year and will concentrate at 2.0 logo design.If you want to order the logo for your website, please email to us at the address given at the sidebar.For Malaysian the price is RM50.

This is my newest client and I has submitted three banners for only one price.Too cheap right?I don't mind doing more banners for my customers.If I have done 4, I give to my client 4..So why not you too? For now I'm doing one new project and I will show you at the next post.

Red Vase

This is one of my favourite design using illustrator.It takes only a few minutes to do it by using AI.Just a few clicks..and done:)So can you do it exactly the same like mine?Let me give you some tips. Use 3D effect at the menu bar of the software...that's all..

hello there..we meet again..

Do you know what is CMYK and RGB?

CMYK stands for (Cyan,Magenta,Yellow and Black)
RGB ( Red, Green and Blue)

Where did you find that CMYK and RGB?If you are familliar with Adobe Photoshop or others related graphic software you will find this two.So why its divided into to separate definitions?I will give you some tips to apply this setting for your graphic design.

This color are suitable for printing and not really good in screening.Catch that?Maybe the color a little bit blur if you set this kind of colors. But if you start printing, the real color will come out from your color printer.

This color is good for screening.For an example for website or interface for softwares.If you don't believe, try it yourself and compare it, where is the best for screening.

Those two colors are important to set the color mode for certain graphic design whether its for screening or printing.Choose one.:)

this is one of my trial to do something with Adobe Illustrator..for me this is the best software to design the best vector design for all type of design.I like it so much and I love to do it with Adobe Photoshop..so..let us try it out..won't you?

This is my newest client that want me to design a logo for his website.If you want to make orders, just email me at reezera[a]gmail.com :)

hye guys..we meet again..:)

now after using Photoshop I will try my best effort using others software tu create much better graphic also known as vector graphic. It can be transfer to Flash and also Photoshop:)

What is the software actually?..lol..I guess all of you know the best vector design using what type of software right?It is the best to create 3d looks,better gradient mode and also its good in animation production. I'm still learning and will work on this software.Maybe create logo, or some kind of cartoon character...so..what is the software???

leave a comment and try to guess what is it..I will post my first graphic using this software next week..so don't miss it..:)


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