Logo is important to you if you want to start your own business.This is because, without a logo people won't recognize the identity of your company.What are you're specialities, what are your corporate colors and so on.

But How to design a good logo and which is the best?

Nowadays, 2.0 logo is the most popular logo among all kind of logo.For example look out the Logotwo. This site provides a huge collection of 2.0 logo design and you can make it as your inspiration for your design.Awesome right?Try to look it and compare it if your design is as same as that kind of design or maybe too far away from that or maybe better than that?Not possible to try it on your own by using these two softwares....

1. Adobe Photoshop

2.Adobe Illustrator

These software the best among all kind of software.But please make sure that you buy it.Now you know what are the softwares..now how to do it?

If you don't have any kind of knowledge on how to design that kind of logos, try to search some tutorials at Good-tutorials and search the tutorials that you interested.Please make sure its related with the logo.:)


  1. Saddam hussain said...

    design own logoDesigning of a Logo has become very essential as it is a symbolic representation of your company in terms of vision, value and objectives and also it's your first positive impression on your customers  


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