Here is some of the design that I has made for from Forum.This is the latest design I have made. After this I will try to make it with AI(Adobe Illustrator) and make it more 2.0 looks and maybe looks more professional to the viewer.


  • Gradient

  • Elliptical Marquee Tool

  • Text Tool

  • Square Marquee Tool


Brush Tool

Marquee Tool

Custom Shape

Brush tool is one of the main tools for Photoshop. Nowadays people are using this brush to make their own wallpaper. But did you know that you can also make one for yourself? I’ll show you how to make one for you.

First create a new layer (hope you are familiar with

Then choose any custom shape from the Custom Shape tools

Draw any image that you want

This is the best part
After that customize that image with blending option or maybe filter? You can make it on your own to make it nice and look beautiful. Shining, gradient or otherwise create shadow. The colors is not really important, you can choose any colors that you want. The effect is the most important part.

Okay, finish with the effect, now click on the layer.

Next, hold Ctrl and click at the layer.

The image will show that it has been selected.

Go to Edit-Define Brush Preset

Name the brush.

Then go to brush tool and select Brush Preset at the top right of the page.
Now you have your own brush.

But if you still don’t want to create your own, just download it anywhere. For example, a lot of brushes at
Or maybe you can start create your own and upload it to the webpage?…

p/s: I will not showing you any of the image of my tutorials. Thanks. But you can easily see the video tutorials at my sidebar.
Keep reading my post…lol..

Illusion is one of the favorite elements of designing. This will make the design looks different and unique from others. For example look at the illusion that I’ve made. Just a simple illusion. I know that you can make much better than this.

Can you spell it for me? Got it? You can make it too. By using different technique and maybe different kind of type. Or you can also make some graphical illusion than using this text illusion.

Consider the type, background and think what type of illusion that you want to create. Text or graphic? You can find illusion at company logo, posters, and many more out there. Just take a look or just search at Google Search and type ‘illusion’…

hye guys,

This is one of the special design that made by me.When I'm doing this, I still don't have any idea what I'm doing to.Just sketch something to be made.Maybe something icy or shining?Not so shining right?

I''ve used Polygonal Lasso Tool and draw the L shape. After that using the Blending Option. This is the hard part.Create and icy looks with Drop Shadow,Inner Glow,Bevel and Emboss,Satin and Gradient Overlay.It's hard to choose the right effect to do it.But you can try by yourself.I know that a lot of pros out there can make just like mine.It's now that hard for them right?

So that's all for this posting.Just wanna shares some graphic with you all.If you can make something like this or even better than this.Email me okay?:)

hey guys:)

Did you notice that the video tutorials at the sidebar of my blog?Look at the tutorials that you want to like, Photoshop,3d,or maybe I want to look out Flash animation tutorials here.

Also, if you haven't download my ebook there, just do it now.A few guides for you to be your graphic designer...and..did you notice a new picture at the top of the sidebar?Yeah..that's only open to Malaysian.The KL Graphic Design Competition.The closing date for the competition is on 30 June I The competition is about to design a homepage for any e-commerce website.You can win RM2,000 for the first prize.Hope

ok, just want to wish all the best for all my blog readers and keep reading and maybe give some comments to my artwork there.:)

Don't forget to click the video tutorials there..adios


Marquee Tool

Font:Arial Black,Arial


  1. Brush tool
  2. Custon Shape
  3. Elliptical Marquee Tool
  4. Gradient

Font: Arial

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Brush Tool
Layer Mask
Custom Shape
Elliptical Marquee Tool

Marquee Tool
Custom Shape
Icon Pictures
Arial Black
Arial Narrow
Blending Option-Stroke,Bevel&Emboss

Nokia Product Pictures
Font: Arial Narrow
Pen Tool
Gradient Tool
Marquee Tool


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