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Do you know what is CMYK and RGB?

CMYK stands for (Cyan,Magenta,Yellow and Black)
RGB ( Red, Green and Blue)

Where did you find that CMYK and RGB?If you are familliar with Adobe Photoshop or others related graphic software you will find this two.So why its divided into to separate definitions?I will give you some tips to apply this setting for your graphic design.

This color are suitable for printing and not really good in screening.Catch that?Maybe the color a little bit blur if you set this kind of colors. But if you start printing, the real color will come out from your color printer.

This color is good for screening.For an example for website or interface for softwares.If you don't believe, try it yourself and compare it, where is the best for screening.

Those two colors are important to set the color mode for certain graphic design whether its for screening or printing.Choose one.:)



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