hye guys,

This is one of the special design that made by me.When I'm doing this, I still don't have any idea what I'm doing to.Just sketch something to be made.Maybe something icy or shining?Not so shining right?..lol..

I''ve used Polygonal Lasso Tool and draw the L shape. After that using the Blending Option. This is the hard part.Create and icy looks with Drop Shadow,Inner Glow,Bevel and Emboss,Satin and Gradient Overlay.It's hard to choose the right effect to do it.But you can try by yourself.I know that a lot of pros out there can make just like mine.It's now that hard for them right?

So that's all for this posting.Just wanna shares some graphic with you all.If you can make something like this or even better than this.Email me okay?:)



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