Brush tool is one of the main tools for Photoshop. Nowadays people are using this brush to make their own wallpaper. But did you know that you can also make one for yourself? I’ll show you how to make one for you.

First create a new layer (hope you are familiar with

Then choose any custom shape from the Custom Shape tools

Draw any image that you want

This is the best part
After that customize that image with blending option or maybe filter? You can make it on your own to make it nice and look beautiful. Shining, gradient or otherwise create shadow. The colors is not really important, you can choose any colors that you want. The effect is the most important part.

Okay, finish with the effect, now click on the layer.

Next, hold Ctrl and click at the layer.

The image will show that it has been selected.

Go to Edit-Define Brush Preset

Name the brush.

Then go to brush tool and select Brush Preset at the top right of the page.
Now you have your own brush.

But if you still don’t want to create your own, just download it anywhere. For example, a lot of brushes at
Or maybe you can start create your own and upload it to the webpage?…

p/s: I will not showing you any of the image of my tutorials. Thanks. But you can easily see the video tutorials at my sidebar.
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