hey guys:)

Did you notice that the video tutorials at the sidebar of my blog?Look at the tutorials that you want to like, Photoshop,3d,or maybe I want to look out Flash animation tutorials here.

Also, if you haven't download my ebook there, just do it now.A few guides for you to be your graphic designer...and..did you notice a new picture at the top of the sidebar?Yeah..that's only open to Malaysian.The KL Graphic Design Competition.The closing date for the competition is on 30 June I guess..lol.. The competition is about to design a homepage for any e-commerce website.You can win RM2,000 for the first prize.Hope so..lol..

ok, just want to wish all the best for all my blog readers and keep reading and maybe give some comments to my artwork there.:)

Don't forget to click the video tutorials there..adios



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